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Published : 2017

Genre : Adventure

Developer : Abraca-Dabra Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


GudiPadawa is celebrated as first day in Indian Calendar! It has its own auspicious importance!

On this very day the God Ram returned to his home city - Ayodhya after winning over Ravan and his subjects congratulate him with an unique symbol by erecting Gudi (indian Symbol of Great Triumph) high on their houses!

Since then Gudi is symbolises Victory and also a new start.

This is simple game which capitalises the indian culture and an event.

In this simple game you hit lamp, kalash (Indian symbol of good will ) and earn points.

You hit Rakshas (villain) and even earn more points but avoid the skull as it sucks your points.

Wish you all very happy Gudi Padwa! Enjoy !!