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Published : 2019

Genre : Casual

Developer : Abraca-Dabra Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Holi Fun

Bura Na Mano Holi Hai - Download this game and Celebrate festival of colour. Holi is festival of Colours. Holi is celebrated in a big way now a days. It's a festival of mischief as you have to throw colours at others. Nothing is funnier than to see ur friend coloured by you. You have to say- 'Bura na mano holi hai' if you colour someone. In this game we have picked up this idea.

In the game you have to throw a colour balloon at your friends who are in the balcony of apartment an colour them. You have to aim properly and make sure you would hit as many as you can. More people you colour more would be your score.

Enjoy Holi fun during the festival time or simply play this mobile holi anytime you want.
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