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Published : 2017

Genre : Adventure

Developer : Abraca-Dabra Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Jai Bajarangbali Hanuman

AbracaDabra Software Solutions is very pleased to launch our new game "Jai Bajarangbali Hanuman" on the special occasion of Hanuman Jayanti [Birthday of Hanumanji]. Veer Hanumanji is very famous Indian Deity from Ramayana and first ever Bahubali of all times! Hanumanji played big role in helping Ramji finding his wife Godess Seeta and rescue her from Ravan the greatest villain of all times.

Hanumanji is always considered as the icon of "Bajarangi" Strength.

Hanumanji is also know for his special magical abilities such as he can fly he can grow as big as he wants, he can lengthen his tail to any length and lot more..

In the great war against Ravan; Hanumanji played an instrumental role in helping Ramji to win the war. First he acted as Ramji's spy later he use his mighty strength to destroy Rakshas of all kinds and breed.

Lot has written on Hanumanji but one of the most famous poem is written by Saint Tulsidas which is famous by name " Hanuman Chalisa" . Hanuman Chalisa has 40 stanzas narrating "Hanumanji" and glorifying his importance.

In this game one has to help Hanumanji to fly with right altitude to pass the hurdles. Each passing hurdle would fetch player 2000 points and if player finishes listening the Entire Hanuman Chalisa without falling the player wins the game. For that he need to score approximately 100000!

All the best Guys ! Enjoy the Game on the holy eve of "Hanuman Jayanti" and ever after.

Bolo Bajarangbali ki - Jai! Bolo Pawan Sut Hanuman ki - Jai! Bolo Siyawar Ramchandraki - Jai!