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Published : 2019

Genre : Adventure

Developer : Abraca-Dabra Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Jungle Mangal

Jungle Mangle is Nice game on inculcating habit of loving wild animals. Please Download this games for your kids and teach them how to empathies with Animals.

In Jungle areas of any place in the world is shrinking and animals are entering into human habitat. It is disturbing both animals and humans and there are many clashes among each other.
In my city - Nasik and cites nearby like Pune Thane each year many leopards die jus because of silly encroachment issues. Many leopards jump into wells to get the fresh water in winters and summers and sometimes they die.
We want to change this otherwise next generation won't see these animals alive. We have to take a firm action against it.

To avoid this we must respect the nature and give animals their share. From childhood its very important to let our kids know the importance of these flamboyant animals and their majestic presence in our Jungles.

Game Play -
In this game you have to only tap and help Tiger to avoid hunter and other obstacles. There is flesh as a bonus on few branches. Tiger has to collect as many flesh balls as he can to increase the score

Play this game it's very different as compared to games you played in the past. Check your Leaderbord and try to top it every day.