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Published : 2019

Genre : Adventure

Developer : Abraca-Dabra Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Couple Decouple - Love Game

Bollywood is bustling with newly married pairs lately. We tried to create a cute game around this happening.
There are 4 Celebrities. They are also couples.
You as a player always has to select right pair to score the highest and beat the opposition.

-Cutting Edge Graphics
-Excellent animations
-Super accurate Physics Effect
-Challenging levels gradually getting tougher
-Beautiful Themes
-Realistic Ancient World.

Features -

* We also have an Arcade game which is unlimited.
* In this game there are 24 exciting levels
* has to reach to top to pass the level
* but one has only few chances to start with
* Rules are simple - You can collide on your spouse and not the other one's Girlfriend or spouse.
* One need to have basic knowledge about the Bollywood couples.

This is cute family game. It would be really fun if you play it with your spouse or girlfriend.