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Published : 2019

Genre : Adventure

Developer : Abraca-Dabra Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Mission Mars

Mission Mars -

Mission Mars is fun game. Hero of the game is astronaut who is all set for Mars. But there is an unfortunate accident. An astroid accidentally collides with spaceship and then the astronaut has to survive till he finds second spaceship. Astronaut is on limited supply of oxygen and food and he is trying to find the second space ship following his spaceship. He is trying to see in every direction so that he is trying to do a space walk on the wrecked space ship in search of the second spaceship.

Game play -
Help astronaut to travel on wrecked space ship. Tap for ever left or right turn and tap for the jump if there is gap in the path.
This is very simple game in which there only on action button that’s tapping on the screen.

Tap Tap Tap…..
You got to only tap on the screen for left and right turns and for the jump.

Help our hero Astronaut find his own path.
Cross the complex levels.
Have fun!
Best space game of 2019.