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Published : 2019

Genre : Adventure

Developer : Abraca-Dabra Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Namo Durge

Namo Durge is an adventure game in which Durga mata is chasing all evil powers of the world and killing them. This is an iconic game in which The great Durga Mata is idolised for Woman empowerment. In Indian Culture the Goddess Durga is treated as "Nari Shakti" The most powerful woman of the world. The purpose of her existence is to remove the evil from the world and save weak people.

In this game we have specially recorded Background score which is actually sanskrit verse - 'MahishasurMardini Stotra' praising the goddess Durga.

While playing this game; Devi - The Goddess has to kill Rakshas and collect Lotus flowers.
There are 3 kinds of Rakshas. Each carries different points.

Maximise your scores to top the leader boards!
Have fun this Dussehra and Enjoy Navaratri festival.