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  • Category: Mobile App

CMA Fitness App

CmaFitness is an app for gym owners and users. Gym owners update the details about classes, events, and nutrition schedules, and users get notified about the same. Users can also check the progress of their bodies and strength.

Below are all the features in detail:
  • Classes: Admin can add classes and users can check the classes that are there for the day.
  • Events: Admin can add events and users can check all events for the day. Users can also check upcoming events and can also save the events to google calendar.
  • Nutrition Schedules: Admin can add nutrition schedule for the day like what to eat and when for e.g: eat an apple at 8 pm. Admin can add a nutrition schedule for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Users can check the nutrition schedule and take the nutrition as per schedules.
  • Food Log: Users can log foods that they have consumed in the breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Admin can check their daily calories intake and advice for the diet.
  • Water Intake: Users can log their daily water intake.
  • Exercise: Users can add their daily exercise.
  • Instructor Videos: Admin can add exercise video and users can check and do the exercise as instructed.
  • Daily challenges are added by admin and a winner is selected from the user who has completed the most challenges.