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Tanhaji- The Lion Maratha Warrior

Tanhaji-The Lion Maratha Warrior is a free game made as a tribute to the warrior Tanhaji Malusare, and dedicated to the great Warrior king "Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj". Chattrapati was the founder of hindavi Swarajya. Many Maratha soldier have given their life to build the Maratha Empire, Tanhaji was one of them. Tanhaji game is one of the best free mobile fighting games you will ever play. It offers a simulation like experience of a Warriors life.

In this game, you have to go on an epic adventure to capture Kondhana fort for chhatrapati shivaji maharaj. you have to defeat all the mughals, coming in your way using your sword and fight for your survival. You can also take advantage of the open world environment to defeat your enemies. This game is based on the maratha war strategies. Tanhaji game is just like other Chhatrapti Shivaji Maharaj game available on play store but This is the first 3d Indian war game ever and also the first Maratha warrior game. Tanhaji Game will spread awareness about the history of Maratha warrior Tanhaji. This is one of the best ever story-based action games on the history of Maratha's.

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