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TeliOPD App

   TeliOPD is a comprehensive practice management software for doctors. It is powerful yet easy to use tool for doctors to manage their clinical practice and make it more efficient.prescription is stored digitally and can be printed or sent to patients via email or SMS. Stores medical history of all patients, their treatment details, diagnosis and investigations.
  TeliOPD is used for storing patients medical information, scheduling appointments,checking expense and income.

    Using this app doctors can easily communicate with his patients. TeliOPD is a User friendly app. Using TeliOPD Doctor can easily share prescription with his patients A non-editable PDF file is generated which can be printed or shared with the patients through email or SMS. so there is no wastage of paper. so in this way TeliOPD conveys a message that Save Paper. Save Trees. Doctors can easily connect their Patients through call or SMS.